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When it begins in several weeks it will be run differently and be under more scrutiny than past classes, the city says. One of the overarching criticisms of the academy was that it functioned as a “military-style academy,” creating officers who thought of themselves more as warriors than as guardians of the public. Austin’s interim Police Chief Joseph Chacon told Council members Thursday he was committed to changing this. “The type of training that we might see in a military academy, which is much more strict and ‘lecture and listen’ type, we are moving (away) from that direction,” he said. But Chacon added it was necessary to put cadets in unnerving role plays so they could be prepared for encounters they might have on the job. “We do need to continue to create scenarios that place our cadets under stress,” he said. “They will be exposed to stressful situations in their careers out on the streets, and we need to prepare them for that.” Council members asked City Manager Spencer Cronk to make  changes to police training  in December 2019, after the city received anonymous complaints that a former assistant police chief repeatedly  used a click here now racist term for Black people  and former cadets testified about intimidation and discrimination. (An investigator hired by the city to look into the claims about the former assistant chief  could not corroborate the allegations , but noted hearing unrelated anecdotes about a culture of racism and sexism in the department.) Council asked Cronk to make changes by June 2020 or otherwise postpone cadet classes; he said the pandemic delayed the work, so the city hit pause on the training. The restructured training academy will be two weeks longer than past courses. Cadets will take a new class titled “The History of Police and Race in America,” which was designed by the Office of Police Oversight and the UT School of Law. The department has also agreed to get rid of the practice of having cadets carry sandbags when they make a mistake in the academy. Some of these changes are in response to recommendations from various consultants over the past year. In that time, outside auditors hired by the city published several unfavorable reports about how Austin police are trained and the materials used to educate them. For instance, a panel of community members tasked with watching videos used in training officers said depictions of police interactions  rely on racist, sexist and classist stereotypes. But while the department has made some changes, others are still pending.  According to a presentation made to Council members earlier this week , APD still needs to make a dozen changes, including OK’ing a process for how cadet teachers are evaluated. That’s one reason Casar chose not to vote for restarting the cadet classes.

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8 2021 @ 12:05am Founded after the Civil War by members of the 62nd and 65th U.S. Colored Infantry Regiments, Lincoln University was established to give the African-American community a place for education and academic studies. Five years after opening as Lincoln Institute, the School of Education was founded, and the university celebrates the department's 150 anniversary in 2021. LU was established with the help of abolitionist and Union Lt. Richard Baxter Foster. Chad Kish, dean of the School of Education, said Foster spent much of his time within the Missouri Legislature trying to get the proper funding required to maintain the university after its foundation. "That infantry basically gave all their salary for a year, and Lt. Richard Baxter Foster came back, and he fought throughout the state to try to start a university," Kish said. "He ended up here in Jefferson City because it was close to the Legislature, went to the Missouri Legislature and kept fighting for equal funding for the school. As the university started, education was really the first area that blossomed." Kish said the first degree program that was granted by the Missouri Legislature was for education. This acted as the foundation for Lincoln's teaching and education program as the school opened to students. With the School of Education's 150th anniversary under way, the department has been celebrating its programs, faculty and students. This includes virtual celebrations, seminars and activities regarding Black History Month, as well as other events and programs made to benefit those entering education. "One of our biggest events was we had a virtual 150th anniversary celebration," Kish said. "We had current and past students, faculty, staff and alumni of the university. We told some history of the school, had some music and a DJ, and we were able to break out into different rooms, and have discussions and catch up through Zoom." Kish said the department has begun a new tradition for students who have entered the educator preparation program. While in the program, students must meet several requirements such as a qualifying score on an ACT exam, a high grade point average, or letters of recommendations before moving on to becoming educators. Modeling this tradition after Greek organizations within universities, LU's School of Education is rewarding students who have passed all their requirements with their own ceremony. "For our 150th anniversary, we started a tradition called the 'Soldier's Dream Circle of Scholars,'" Kish said. "We put together an initiation type of ceremony and had all those students come in where we provided them with a pin signifying their hard work." Kish added innovation is key with education programs.
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